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Nashville-based synth rock duo Flarelight consists of the current percussionist for Queen + Adam Lambert, Tyler Warren and Eventide endorsed guitarist, Rachel Brandsness. The two, having recently released their second album, The Light We Make, have just come out with a new single, "Glimmer," featuring Sir Brian May of Queen. Brandsness has played with numerous groups, providing the opportunity to open for bands such as Evanescence, Neon Trees and Halestorm, while Warren has been busy touring the world and playing to sold out arenas, even recently performing at Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee at Buckingham Palace.

The music of Flarelight’s new album The Light We Make is, plainly, a sonic meteorite. As it plummets through the thick atmosphere of music history, stripping away layers of stylistic artifice, it streamlines itself as it prepares for impact. With an ingrained appreciation of the greats and an even greater ear for technological innovation, Flarelight’s new album shows the band in top form, combining effortless melody with the hard rock edge of their forebears.

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Known for its seemless combination of driving rock and expansive ethereal soundscapes, Flarelight is the musical endeavor of multi-instrumentalists Tyler Warren, percussionist for Queen + Adam Lambert, and Rachel Brandsness, Eventide endorsed guitarist, lead guitarist of Fingernails Are Pretty - A Tribute to the Foo Fighters, and former lead guitarist of Fools For Rowan, Barracuda - a Tribute to Heart.

The two bandmates originally linked together when Tyler recorded and produced Rachel’s solo record. However, it wasn’t until years later that Tyler began considering his own solo project, choosing instead to form Flarelight with Rachel after initially hitting it off. Their debut, 2019’s Glimmer, showed what the two were initially capable of, but really serves to draw back the curtain on each’s talents, unfurling rhapsodic melodies and shattered guitar lines.

For the time being, the band is going full force into their sophomore album, which is accompanied by a self-directed music video for early single “Make Me Sick.” One thing is for sure, with their undeniably thunderous playing, the alchemy of Flarelight's music is not to be missed.


102.9 The Buzz

"A 2-piece making the sound of like, a 7-piece, and I gotta be honest, every once in a while a new band comes along and their music takes you on a journey…This is a journey you want to go on."
- Andy Herrin, 102.9 The Buzz, Nashville, TN

The Light We Make - Press Release

"Cleverly letting each song speak for itself, the band marches through a variety of genres (e.g. synth-rock, hard rock and shoegaze, just to name a few) but are held together through Brandsness and Warren’s virtuosic riffs and fiery back-and-forth vocals..."

Eventide - Pedals with the Pros: Rachel Brandsness

"...This week on Pedals with the Pros, we had the chance to interview Eventide Artist Rachel Brandsness, formerly lead guitarist of Nashville band Fools for Rowan. Now, she is one half of Flarelight with Tyler Warren. She has been plenty busy between now and then - tune in with us as we catch up!"



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New Dates Coming Soon!

Flarelight with Headliner Echo Pilot and Vera Bloom - The Basement - Nashville, TN - 2/23/2024

Doors: 8:30pm | Show: 9pm

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